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Hello friend!

I'm Natalie. It's great to meet you.

Welcome to Sugar Bake Test Kitchen! Here you will find recipes, tips, and tricks from an ol' pro. I will teach you the basic structures of baking in order to get you to the absolute freedom of creativity. Any time spent in the kitchen should be fun and productive and I'm here to help you find confidence to get a little flour on your face and make the pastry of your dreams. Here I will cover it all: cakes, cookies, stovetop desserts, water baths, simple syrups, savory meals and snacks, and even what to do with the egg whites when you only needed the yolks. My best friend, Odie, always reminds me to keep his treat jar stocked, so you can count on dog treat recipes as well. The kitchen is a place of alchemy, where not only will you create great things, but where I will teach you to relax, unwind, and enjoy the practice of baking. So put on a good playlist, grab an apron, and let's bake something! Learn More...

Blue bowl filled with organic blue, green, and brown eggs.

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